Earning a living as a writer has always motivated me: being paid for what I do is important. I began writing fulltime in the mid-1990s by promising my family I would only do it if I could support them. While this may have been unrealistic, it worked, probably because I was so determined that it would.

As the years progressed, I began to be able to pay my taxes, buy groceries and save up enough to take a sabbatical and write my first published novel.

Through my commissions I met many of the most interesting people I will ever know, and discovered many astounding real life stories.

Thank you to everybody who hired me - you encouraged me to be a better writer.

P.S. I have not put these books in any special order. And I have not included my numerous magazine articles and business reports: they paid well but were not as personal as the commssioned books.

Friends I've Made Through Writing